Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tides of March

It’s SPRING and that’s what I have in my step.  The Tides of March come rolling in a like a lion and so do I, a young equine athlete.  March rides are raucous events so bundle up and hang on for some roller coaster riding!


My mom is out of shape, the air is crisp and I am fresh as daisies!  Out of my Mom’s closet comes the jeans with the leather sewn in the inside, some days full chaps, in the hopes that they help her stick into the saddle leather more snugly.  I love to trot slowly the first few times around, gingerly almost, as she doubles up the reins, sitting taller than normal, waiting for the explosion.  None comes so she relaxes at the exact moment the horse in the pasture finishes his roll, leaps up and gallops bucking to the far end.  My chance, YAHOO and I hear a muffled, whoa, WHOA…

I am careful to scare her into respecting me but not so much to dislodge her, there are carrots involved in the equation.   I am smiling in my bridle.  Ah, such mischief.

I mentioned in a previous post that I heard George Morris say at a clinic in Florida this winter that if your horse isn’t fresh, call the vet!  He was serious.  It might be an exaggeration but the point is, that we are all feeling our alfalfa in the wintertime so just expect it.

Winter also is sometimes accompanied by body-clipping.  I got a trace clip this year which make me much less sweaty after our ride, and boy that arctic air inspires me.  I was bought a new red winter blanket that is high-withered and so snuggly I get drowsy as soon as it is on.

When the rains come, it’s a bummer.  We have to go inside, otherwise my feet will get mushy.  I love the smell but hate being inside.  I can’t be kept inside too long – it reminds me of my days in the racetrack boot camp, and dysfunctional behaviors appear while my sanity goes out the window.

We still need to go out and move around, you probably will not be executing the fine maneuvers we did last fall.  Just get us out and survive.  Let my mane grow out  and hang on, woman!  We’ll have a hoot of a time. Don’t take it too seriously, we have months of warmer weather ahead where we can do the drill.  It’s the off season so come be a bit of a wild child with me!

~ kw