Our Mission

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization who give our time to spread informative tips, training knowledge, show savvy and good will to the equestrian community of hunters and equitation.  We love our horses, they are our teachers.  And in some ways, we are their voices.

The judges on the AskTheHorseShowJudge.com web site have graciously donated their time to educate and spread knowledge.  All of them would say “We want you to ride well!” Riding well makes their job of judging easier, and good horsemanship pays it forward to up- and-coming young riders and trainers.  The panel represents an upper level slice of the hunter/equitation industry.  These horsemen and women have taken time from already long days to answer a wide range of questions, to educate and give back to the sport that is their livelihood and their love.

Many of us cannot afford the time or money to attend a clinic or take lessons from the industry’s elite. Whether your goals are competition-related or you just want solid rides with your partner at home, these experts detail how to rate an optimum performance – on the flat, over one fence or a course. We urge you to take advantage.

The AskTheHorseShowWorld.com blog came about to discuss, share ideas, collaborate and compare notes with others in the hunter/equitation community.  We commune through Facebook and cheer each other on.

Unless explicitly indicated, the views and stories on the AskTheHorseShowWorld.com site do not express the views of the judges on the AskTheHorseShowJudge.com site.

Stay safe, ride well and love your horses.  Feel free to contact us by email or connect on Facebook.