T’was the Night Before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ranch,
Nothing was stirring, not a creature nor branch.
I in my midweight-1600-denier-waterproof- breathable-high-wither blanket… snuggily all over,
A great buy on eBay (courtesy of Dover.)

I nestled down deeper and started to dream,
With visions of jumping or so it seemed.
But what to my wondering eyes should appear
But an old man in red with friendly reindeer.


A snowdrift blocked him from making his route,
His team pulled hard but he could not get out.
“HAY!” I exclaimed, from slumber I bound,
“I learned jumping this year in my hunter round!”

Santa rolled his eyes, “Without rider you’re idle,”
“To meet each jump correctly, you haven’t even a bridle.”
But I recalled our lessons, my greenness was waning,
My amateur kept talking while we were training.

So they hitched me up to the front of the pack…
“But I need to school first, I will be right back!”
Jumping some bushes after doing some flat,
Long spot, then short spot and end with a pat.

I waited calmly while they hitched me again,
“A loud voice calls my number, I’ll tell you when.”
One deer turned around, “Good heavens, really Son?”
“Okay, you’re up next , One hundred-and-one.”

We courtesy circled and I steadied my rush,
And cantered the first fence, a well flowered brush.
Then up the next line, an even five-stride,
Have you ever changed leads with some deer by your side?


My mom would be proud, this course would just rock her,
And down to the last, a luminous oxer.
Wheeeee, we were long, I pulled my legs tight,
Keeping Santa and reindeer with sleigh in flight.

We landed quite softly, with sleigh contents of Yule
Remaining in tact thanks to my lovely bascule.
I broke from the sleigh, they continued their cause,
The reindeer and Santa in heavy applause!

“Good boy” my mom patted as I opened one eye,
She was there Christmas morning with treats and I sigh.
Have a wonderful new year whatever your endeavor,
Just do it with carrots and apples forever!